» NXTcomm08: Procera unveils higher performance DPI product
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NXTcomm08: Procera unveils higher performance DPI product
By Carol Wilson

Jun 19, 2008 3:38 PM

LAS VEGAS--Procera Networks this week announced its PacketLogic PL10000, a deep packet inspection platform operating at 40 Gigabits per second full duplex or 80 Gigabits per second throughput, and deployable at multiple points in the network.

“We are calling it evolved DPI,” said James Brear, president and CEO of Procera. “What we are trying to do is change the area of DPI, we are trying to revolutionize the market. We believe this system creates a new level of awareness control and production that will drive modernization of the networks.”

The PacketLogic PL10000 uses Continuous Computing’s FlexTCA system, a pre-integrated commercial off-the-shelf systems, which enabled the system to get to market more quickly.

“They’ve got the highest performing DPI system today,” said Michael Coward, CTO of Continuous Computing. “And what’s neat is that they used off-the-shelf technology. Procera was able to go six months from start to field trials.”

The additional throughput enables Procera to guarantee more reliable information about what is running on their networks and therefore do a better job of managing the traffic, Brear said.

“The current DPI solutions give some level of visibility, maybe 60% to 70% of traffic,” he said. “But to introduce new services, they need more accuracy. We are able to give them that greater visibility.”

Procera also claims to have more traffic “signatures” in its system and the ability to add them more quickly. “When BT lauched its iPlayer, no DPI player could identify that traffic, but within three days we were able to detect and tell our customers ‘This is iPlayer traffic and this is how you handle it.”

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