» Amino unveils 100% digital HD IPTV STB
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Amino unveils 100% digital HD IPTV STB
By Sarah Reedy

Jun 17, 2008 12:00 AM

IPTV technology provider Amino today introduced the AmiNET130M, a fully digital high-definition IPTV set-top box, at the NXTcomm08 conference in Las Vegas. The new STB supports only HDMI video outputs, no analog, and is both cheaper and simpler to install than earlier HD boxes.

“Content owners do not want to support analog connections like component for their premium HD content,” said Rory Betteridge, Amino’s HD Product Manager. “They are going to stipulate that to display HD content, you are going to have to have an HDMI connection to a TV, and you need to support HDTP to protect their assets at the end of the day. I think having 100% digital STB allows you to maintain that digital quality and digital security.”

Upgrading to offer HD or DVR capabilities does require a new STB, distributed on an individual basis as consumers make the switch. But, as more and more consumers purchase HD-ready flatscreens, the new STB can support a full range of traditional TV connectors, as well as MPEG-4. According to the company, the box is the industry’s smallest all-digital HD MPEG-4 STB, measuring less than five inches wide and two inches tall.

In addition to HD video, the AmiNET130M also supports HD graphics, for greater volumes and diversity of content on the user interface. The new STB also allows service providers to deploy personalized services such as weather forecasts, stock quotes and targeted advertising.

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