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Argela injecting ads into VoIP calls
By Kevin Fitchard

May 23, 2007 12:57 PM

Carriers looking to lop more costs off the price they charge for VoIP calls may soon have an interesting alternative: advertising. A Turkish company called Argela Technologies is bringing its multimedia “sponsored call” VoIP gateway to the U.S., demonstrating it at the IMS Forum’s booth at NXTcomm.

The sponsored call runs an audio or video advertisement over a wireless handset or a SIP-phone as it is placing the call, basically substituting the ad for a ring. A SIP-based IMS client downloaded onto the phone establishes a connection to the VoIP server, which connects the call to another SIP phone or the circuit-switched network. During that call connection interval, however, the client connects to the Argela server, which dishes up a targeted ad, either played through the phone speaker or delivered over a multimedia player for video content. Once the ad is complete, the call connects.

Argela said targeting the ads can be done based on both the calling number or the called number. For instance, if a caller calls an airline ticketing number, a travel ad could be served up. If it’s to a personal phone number, the ad could be determined based on the caller’s own customer data.

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