» Actiontec unveils green DSL modem, gateways
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Actiontec unveils green DSL modem, gateways
By Sarah Reedy

Jun 18, 2008 3:01 PM

LAS VEGAS--Broadband provider Actiontec unveiled a DSL modem for environmentally conscious service providers, in addition to two new DSL gateways targeted at the tier two and tier three markets, at NXTComm08 this week. The DSL gateways, the GT724R and GT724WGR, combine full-rate ADSL/ADSL2+ modem and four-port Ethernet switch, as well as an 802.11g wireless router in the GT274WGR, into one device.

Both DSL gateways include a built-in auto-connect tool that automatically detects the type of DSL service, network settings and VPI/VCI settings. For the end customer, this means configuring DSL service only requires plugging the modem in. The box is designed for smaller service providers, often rural independent operating companies, competitive local exchange carriers or Internet service providers, that don’t have the quantities to have modems pre-configured to their specifications.

“Non-tier one customers struggle with brand identity when they buy products with equipment makers and want to be able to customize products for smaller purchase volumes,” said Brian Henrichs, vice president of business development for Actiontec. “We created a novel way, using a Java provisioning tool, to put their own brand identity, promotional and service support links.”

The modems’ customizable graphical user interface (GUI) lets service providers incorporate their logo, other branding and customer support information, as well as gives the ability to deliver personalized service offers and add a link to their online store. As a result of the Java-based provisioning, carrier’s branding and customized GUI screens can be pushed to the gateway over Ethernet to pre-configure the DSL modem in less than 30 seconds.

Actiontec’s new green DSL modem uses an Energy Star rated power adapter, so that it consumes 30% less energy than modems with conventional power adapters. According to Henrichs, this is the first green initiative the company has undertaken. Considering that most consumers leave their device on all day and night, the company recognized the importance of contributing to reducing their ecological impact. Henrichs said the DSL modem is ideal for service providers covering a small footprint and looking for a low-end entry point that is cost effective and lacks the complexities of wireless. The devices can work in conjunction with the DSL gateways or standalone.

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