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Service assurance probe
Jun 20, 2007 12:00 AM

Tollgrade Communications (Booth 7537) introduces the new DigiTest ICE IP Service Assurance Probe, which is designed for installation at remote DSLAM locations, placing it close to the subscriber’s presence in the network and providing visibility into the customer experience. With its low cost, small size and robust feature set, the DigiTest ICE is optimized to support the prequalification, service verification and fault isolation needs of triple-play services beyond those provided by DSLAM-embedded SELT/DELT capabilities. Coupled with Tollgrade’s LoopCare Test OSS, the ICE proactively samples the network to determine its ability to provide IP triple-play services. Once provisioned, the ICE can verify the services from the point in the network that most precisely reflects the experience of the customer. The DSLAM is also the ideal location from which accurate isolation of faults can be made. In addition to providing a broad set of Layer 1-to-7 diagnostic tools, an ICE equipped with an xDSL modem can fully emulate the subscriber and operator’s network, allowing for smart dispatch decisions—either out to the subscriber premises or into the network.


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