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Advanced TCA Hub Board
Jun 20, 2007 12:00 AM

Kontron (Booth 3937) is introducing an Advanced TCA 10 Gigabit Ethernet hub with switching features, which provides exceptional flexibility with two AdvancedMC (AMC) slots for even more added functionality for users. The two AMC slots can be used to host processor AMC modules as main controllers or for load balancing; storage AMC modules as mass storage devices for the Processor AMC; and network processing units (NPUs) for UDP/NAT or load balancing processing in combination with a storage AMC. The Kontron AT8904 hub can additionally enable redundant 10GbE interlinks of multiple AdvancedTCA chassis with the Kontron AM4310 mid-sized 10 GbE Interlink AMC module, featuring 2 x 10GbE uplinks on the front panel via optical XFP connectors, which are routed to the XAUI ports (ports 4-7 and 8-11) on the AMC connectors. Its modular design enables seamless 1 GbE to 10 GbE migrations for application designers who have already designed applications with previous generations of Kontron AdvancedTCA hubs.


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