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Mezzanine Card
Jun 19, 2007 12:00 AM

The Dialogic (Booth 1115) SS7AM1 mezzanine card offers high performance and density for signaling, call control, wireless messaging and intelligent network applications on a single AdvancedMC site. The card is ideal for developers working with service providers who require TDM enabled AdvancedTCA blades for high scale processing solutions. The SS7AM1 not only serves as a connection to a TDM network, it also can offload single board computer (SBC) nodes by executing selected protocols using its own network processor. The SS7AM1 addresses the differing throughput demands of services by supporting from four to 124 low-speed or four high-speed SS7 links, and up to four T-1/E-1 trunks. The SS7AM1 is part of the Dialogic Signaling Distributed Architecture (SigDiA), which enables affordable, high-performance, distributed, cross-platform, cross-operating system signaling applications. SigDiA allows protocols to be executed on any Dialogic SS7 board, including the SS7AM1, and provides the flexibility to run signaling protocols wherever processing capability is available: on a Dialogic SS7 board, a Dialogic Signaling Server or an application server.

Combined with Dialogicís suite of SS7 protocols, the SS7AM1 enables messaging services, call completion/prepaid calling, roaming, video portal and color ring back.


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