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MetaSwitch launches a service delivery platform
By Carol Wilson

Jun 19, 2007 12:00 AM

Softswitch maker MetaSwitch is expanding its range, announcing today it has created a service delivery platform and a set of telephony applications. The new MetaSwitch MetaSphere is intended to provide both a set of ready-to-deploy applications to generate immediate revenue and a platform on which new services can be rapidly developed and deployed.

MetaSwitch made its name in the industry selling to smaller service providers, but the company has been moving up market and finds larger carriers interested in immediate results from new services they can rapidly deploy, said Andy Randall, vice president of marketing for MetaSwitch. Three Tier 1 carriers already are deploying the MetaSphere SDP, he said.

“What they really want to do is develop applications short-term that can generate revenue and allow them to target niche markets, in addition to large mass-market services,” Randall said. “That requires flexibility in how you deliver applications.”

Drawing on technology from its parent company, Data Connection, which operates two other divisions, including an Internet applications division, MetaSwitch designed its system to be deployed along with a softswitch, although it can support legacy switches as well, he said.

“A common deployment would be the migration of a legacy voicemail system onto a Unified Messaging Application on top of the service delivery platform, that can serve subscribers on legacy switches, wireless switches and our softswitch, providing a unified mailbox for wireline and cellular accounts,” Randall said.

MetaSwitch is very much taking IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) requirements into account in building MetaSphere, he said. “It is very much an IMS architecture, it is built around IMS protocols and the media resource function for IMS is in there,” Randall said. “SDP is the easiest first step carriers are taking to a full IMS architecture. The idea is to look at building new applications that build in service-oriented architecture that leverage IMS. You can deploy it on legacy infrastructure now and over time move service creation over to IMS.”

MetaSwitch is bringing applications to the market along with the SDP because that is what its service provider customers are asking for, he added. In addition to unified messaging, other applications that debut on the MetaSphere include incoming call manager, with a rules-based system for how calls are treated based on a variety of parameters; desktop notifier and desktop applications manager that allow real-time management of communications functions; light message screening that mimics the call-screening capabilities of answering machines and the CommPortal self-service capabilities that MetaSwitch introduced in March.

Randall acknowledged MetaSwitch is taking on larger telecom vendors in this new space but believes it is differentiating its SDP offering by providing compelling applications and an open SDP architecture that can be customized at any level.

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