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Billing data collection
Jun 19, 2007 12:00 AM

Tekno Telecom (Booth 3247) announces its newest product, NetInterConnect, which provides telecommunication carriers the ability to maximize their profitability by recapturing lost revenues due to issues such as phantom, bypass, uncaptured or unidentified network traffic, or incorrect PIU/PLU, using network generated (Sigtran, SIP, SS7) customer data records (CDRs). NetInterConnect is telephone network agnostic as it unobtrusively collects detailed SS7 signaling data that definitively tracks all network traffic and the respective call path migration. NetInterConnect navigates the mix of new carriers, network technologies, network protocols and products to guarantee accurate intercarrier billing and reciprocal compensation. It insures intercarrier billing is accurate and expands carriers’ ability to solve an intercarrier billing dispute by providing the most accurate CDR data to substantiate billing claims.


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